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Applying for A Small Cash Loan

When your credit is bad, your options are generally limited to those providers that offer small loanable figures. If you plan on borrowing £5,000 from a lender and your credit is bad, know that it is going to come with such high costs, quite literally. Expect that lenders who will agree to grant you a loan are likely to charge you APRs in three digits. 

To apply for a £4,000 loan, start by getting to know those lenders who would be willing to offer you such a loan amount. Compare these lenders. Consider their terms, rates, eligibility requirements and rates so you are confident that this is one loan that you can afford. 

When you’re ready to fill out the loan form, make sure to be as accurate as possible. Be honest with all the details that you will be putting in. Remember, the lenders are going to do their own checking themselves and being caught red-handed that you lied on the application is only going to lessen your chances of approval even more. 

What You Need To Know

You’ll be asked to submit all the necessary supporting documents too. In this case, you might be required to provide bank statements and proof of income. The lenders need to make sure that you really are who you are. They’ll want to find out too if you’re earning enough every month to actually afford the loan repayments if you ever get approved.

Loan affordability is what you should be most concerned of especially if you have bad credit. There are a lot of lenders that won’t care that much if your score is bad as long as you can prove to them that you can pay them back. It would help you even more if you have additional income on the side to augment whatever you are earning from your job.

If you ever get approved, do not waste the chance.  This is an opportunity for you to improve your credit score. So, be mindful of your repayments and make sure that you get them sent on time. 

How To Acquire Such Loans

Getting a loan, be it for personal or business use, planned or for an emergency or just simply to grab an opportunity can be lifesaving. Taking a loan is one of or not THE best way to get a sudden injection of cash when you need it the most. But be cautious when looking for one. You must conduct thorough research on how and where you seek your loans to get the best offer for your needs.

There is really no sure fire way of getting a loan approved but there are ways to increase your chances.

Which Loans Do You Need

The first step in getting a loan is figuring out what loan you need. There are different kinds of loans, and the loan you typically get depends on how you will use the money. The most common type of loans is as follows.

  • Mortgage Loans – when buying a home.

  • Business Loans – When starting a new business or expanding one.

  • Personal Loans – This loan can be used for any purpose.

  • Auto Loans – For buying a vehicle

  • Student Loans

What’s next is finding a good lender or where to borrow. Depending on the loan you’ve decided to get, some lenders may not offer it entirely or some have higher interest rates. Banks and Credit-Unions are a good way to look for options, compare interests and cost. You can also look online, just make sure that you’re looking at a reputable site.

The other thing that will greatly affect your choices would be your credit score. Having a good or an excellent credit score will open you to more options and favorable interest rates, while having a poor one would generally mean that you are offered high-interest rates. One way to increase your chances of getting approved while having a poor credit will be offering something with monetary value as a collateral, or getting a co-signer. You can check your credit for free and generally get a free credit report in a year.

What Are the Requirements

Once you’ve done all the necessary research and double checking everything, you’re now ready to apply. Requirements vary depending on the lender but these are most of the common ones.

  • Must be 18 years old and a US citizen.

  • Social Security Number

  • Must not have a newly opened bank account.

  • A bi-weekly or monthly income.

When filling up your form, make sure to double check everything. Be thorough in reading the paperwork. After all, that’s said and done, begins the waiting game if you’re going to get approved or not.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*